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Muff Bag

Muff Milk

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Check out this fur “muff bag”.

Amazingly soft and plush.This perfect bag also keeps your hands warm in the dead of winter.It has mini Leda with magnetic clip in front and fur lining.

Product Details:

100% genuine leather


Width: 44 cm
Height: 22,5 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Strap: 100 cm

Shipping & Returns

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For overseas orders, there may be extensions in the delivery dates of the cargo. Thank you for your understanding.

Care Instructions

Take care of your bag!

•Leather is a natural product, it breathes and has a natural elasticity. Inequalities on the surface of the leather such as color difference, pore stain and thorn marks are not quality faults and by those features it is shown the naturality of the product.

•Do not use your bag on the days of heavy rain. If the product gets wet, it should never be placed on the heater or blow-dried with a hair dryer, leather could be damaged as it is sensitive to heat. After wiping the wetness with a dry cotton cloth, it should be left to dry on its own. Otherwise, the product's natural oil will dry out and it will become unusable and hardened.

 •Do not store your bag in a plastic bag,  Do not keep it in powerful light or intense sunlight for a long time. Otherwise, you may experience discoloration or fading of the product.

•Since chemicals such as hair spray, perfume and nail polish cause stains on the skin, the use of these products should be avoid when around the bag. Do not try to remove the stain that will occur in case of using those chemicals mentioned above, have it cleaned only by certified specialist cleaners. If oil-based stains occur, do not try to wipe them either. The leather will absorb and destroy the oil over time. Ink stains will never come out.

•Light-colored leather and suede bags should be used with care. Especially in leather products, bags can be deformed quickly due to impact and friction.