We are a bag brand that takes its inspiration and name from the legendary queen of the Amazon women, Otrera. From Otrera, the goddess of strong warrior women, who was born in Anatolia and spread all over the world...

We are two friends who have had careers in different fields, but have a passion for design and love to produce and create.

We founded Ortrera in 2020, for women who know what they want in their lives, who prefer to shape their style not according to seasonal trends but with timeless, high-quality and narrative pieces, who look for good materials and functionality in bags, who care about design, aesthetics and details, and who turn to solutions that facilitate their busy work and city lives.

What makes Otrera so special is the unique design, the high quality leather and the first-class workmanship that makes each bag a unique work of art.

Creative ideas become drawings, drawings become Otrera bags in skilled hands. When you order an Otrera bag, the care and attention that is the DNA of our brand continues until it is delivered to you.

A bag is not a coincidence.

Neither is your choice of Otrera....

Welcome to our home.